Contracts at SI

Documentations, Contracts at SI

SurrogacyIndia has always followed a policy of maintaining transperancy with our clients. We always act within legal frameworks, ethically and with proper scruitinized documentation.

“Agreements” generally means the meeting of minds i.e. both parties understands each other’s intentions and there is a total synchronization of thoughts and actions. The agreement draft gives you a clear idea about duties, obligations, considerations and liabilities applicable to both the parties, towards this entire surrogacy program.

Below we highlight the different steps involved within Legal process at SurrogacyIndia. Also note, if you have not enrolled with us, you may not be able to access many of the links.



This online application form, to be filled by parents, provides us all your relevant information required to draft agreements for you. Once filled, our Lawyers will prepare the agreement draft and send the same for your perusal.

Section 2 :      AGREEMENT BETWEEN SM – IP

The agreement between Surrogate Mother and Intended Parents is drafted to ensure that it can pass through all legal obligations even post delivery of the child.

A blank draft is attached on the SI Site for your quick reference. This is a blank draft and has no details of yours or any Surrogate Mother, but has all the clauses mentioned for your quick perusal.

Once we get your confirmation on your Surrogate Mother selection and your legal details, we will send you a draft copy with your details for your perusal.

Agreement draft sent is for you to check, whether any of your personal details have to be changed. It is important, because once the agreement is drafted; no further changes can be made. There are always two copies of agreement signed, one copy will be given to you (which you will have to preserve until the delivery) and the other will be kept with the lawyer.

This agreement copy is required during your delivery, Embassy and Visa related documentation.

Section 3 :      AGREEMENT BETWEEN SI – IP

When you enroll with SI, you are required to sign an agreement with us. The legal details provided earlier will be used to draft this agreement too. This will brief the responsibilities, liabilities and limitation, both you and SI are bound by during the whole Surrogacy term. A blank draft is attached on the site for your kind perusal.


This declaration of the nominee is on behalf of Intended Parents. You are requested to forward this “Declaration by Nominee” to two of your nominees. If Intended Parents fails to fulfill any of their duties (not limited to taking care of Surrogate Mother, Financial terms or taking the child back to their country) due to any reason, as required by this program, the Nominees affirm to take complete responsibility to fulfill those actions on Intended Parent’s behalf.

Section 5 :      IVF CONSENT FORMS

To undergo the IVF Procedure here, we need to follow certain standard Protocols of the Hospital and the IVF Lab.

Attached are the forms required for the same.