Surrogacy Process

Enhancing fertility through surrogacy program. Please read below to understand basic steps of Surrogacy with SurrogacyIndia.


  • Intended Parents eligibility

Intended parents medical reports, citizenship and other documents will be checked to reconfirm they are eligible to undergo surrogacy in India, and subsequently enrolled. See enrolment steps

  • Counseling for treatment options available

The intending parents will be counseled for different programs (Self / Surrogate / Donor) and different treatment options (IVF / ICSI / IMSI/Frozen embryo transfer / Assisted hatching / Blastocyst culture) available for them. See different Cycle Types

  • Matching surrogate to Intended Parent’s profile

In our program, the intended parents can view, choose and select their choice of surrogate, from the profiles made available to them online. See Surrogate Profiles (Demo)

  • Introduction of surrogate to intended parents

Surrogate will be introduced through different communication channels (skype, personal meet, emails) to the intended parents, this helps the Intended parents bond with their surrogate.

  • Financial transactions

We assist the intended parents in ensuring that the financial transactions between them, us and the surrogate are transparent and effective. All payments are done via transfers , even the surrogate is paid only through cross cheques.

  • Signing the surrogacy contract

This is the most important event in the process of surrogacy where, you understand and acknowledge the contract before signing. Two agreements are signed, one with the surrogate mother and another with the ART Bank (SI). Also read Contracts at SI

  • Legal assistance

A legal team with medicolegal expertise guides you through the legalities of surrogacy.

  • Ante-natal Care (Pregnancy)

We regularly communicate with you in regards to the progress of the pregnancy and surrogate care through the 9 months. Also read Antenatal Care

  • Coordinating Delivery

Close to the delivery date ,we help plan the delivery and  inform you to be present in India, so that you do not miss the most important day in the process of surrogacy and are here to accept the gift of life.

  • Replacing new surrogate

In the event the Surrogate does not become pregnant after a reasonable number of attempts, we will provide another Surrogate without any additional fee.

During the cycle too, if the SM is not ready and synchronized with you, we would have a backup surrogate ready and replace your surrogate so that the cycle is not jeopardized.

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