Psychological Counsellor


Melisha Kar
M.A. Clinical Psychology


Melisha, as a mental health professional is a delight to be associated with. She comes in with a lot of energy and enthusiasm in her interaction and work. She is well able to balance between being practical and emotional as the situation requires. Usually she would take account of every aspect before taking a decision.

At SI, her role as a psychologist is pivotal and challenging. Assessing a lady, undersatnding whether she will emotionally be able to carry out surrogacy program, give up a child she nurtured for 9 months and still remain in good mental health thereafter, is a challenge she looks forward to undertake at SI.

Alongside, regular supportive psychotherapy sessions for the SMs throughout pregnancy, behavior therapy in the form of relaxation are her regular protocol.

She also spends time with Team SI as Corporate psychologist, training about team building, stress management, client management, etc.




The SMs at SI are from such diverse backgrounds. Each lady has a different story to tell. I am always keen to know their way of life, their family dynamics and their individual personality, as these will tell me how a surrogate will be while in surrogacy.

One thing that is common across all surrogates is HOPE:

She hopes to be selected.
She hopes to get pregnant.
She hopes to have an uneventful pregnancy
And she hopes that in all this her own family supports her, cause by herself she would fall apart.

One must see a group of surrogates when together, they form such a gang causing a laughing riot. They forget all their personal difficulties and become each others support. They almost form a “family away from home”.


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