Milestones at SI

Some wonderful and memorable events, that took place at SI.

2014 April 325 babies born at SurrogacyIndia
2014 January Rebirth of the SI Website
2013 November   First International Book released on SurrogacyIndia and their Clients Rhonda and Gerry
2013 October   300 babies born at SurrogacyIndia
2013 July   RISE : Rehabilitation Initiative for Surrogate Empowerment by SI
2012 November   5 years of success of SurrogacyIndia Celebration with Surrogate Mothers
2012 September   200 babies born at SurrogacyIndia
2012 May   First official representation in Australia Surrogacy Conference
2011 June   100 babies born at SurrogacyIndia
2010 October   50 babies born at SurrogacyIndia
2010 August   First baby born for Indian couple
2010 April   25 babies born at SurrogacyIndia
2009 September Incorporation of Niche Health Options Pvt. Ltd.
2009 August   First set of Twins born at SI
2009 August   First twins & First babies born from Internationally shipped frozen embryos
2009 April   First SI baby born
2009 February   First Caucasian Egg donor batch visited from Nurture for fresh EPU’s
2008 February   First SI Client registered and underwent IVF Cycle
2007 November Birth of SurrogacyIndia


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